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There are two main versions of Wise Timetable software - one for Universities (all higher education organisations with more programs and subject areas) and one for Schools (colleges, primary and secondary schools). The difference between them is mainly in specific automatic generating algorithms and different hierarchy of programs and subject areas. Please contact us for help, during evaluation period.


Please read and follow these instructions in order to install the software

  • DOWNLOAD - select the software type (University/College) and click on on Download button bellow. Installation file will be downloaded in folder defined by your browser.
  • INSTALLATION - after setup started, the only action needed is to accept standard licence terms and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • START WISE TIMETABLE - installation will place Wise Timetable icon on your desktop and start menu entry for starting the program. Please start the software by double-clicking on the Wise Timetable icon.
  • FIRST STEPS - USING SAMPLE DATA - after program startup, you will have to select one of the languages supported (note that there are three different English variants - depending on naming conventions in different parts of the world). A sample timetable is loaded automatically. You can work with data editing and automatic generating, or create your own timetable. By pressing 'F1' key, you will see content-sensitive help.
  • ACQUIRING THE FULL VERSION - if you purchase the maintenance/licence plan, there is no need to install the software again. All the data and settings will be preserved and you will receive a licence key file by email. Same key file is valid for all the users in your organisation. 

University Wise Timetable

School Wise Timetable