The universal
scheduling tool

For Universities and Colleges


Import your data instantly, or enter it manually to generate the perfect timetable: artificial intelligence algorithms now take into account all constraints.


Everything you add or change is checked for overlapping and you are advised of the best available options. However, no user action is banned - do what you want.


As you work with your coworkers on the same central database, the results are immediately available on web, mobile apps, displays, and can be exported easily.


Direct integration with the most popular student information systems. Custom integrations to all other systems. Import/export data from/to any infrastructure.

Main Features

Web, mobile, and desktop apps
Solutions for current pandemic issues
Easy to use and intuitive on all levels
20 years of continuous improvements
Powerful verification features
Suitable for all school sizes
Share multiple Departments resources
Maintain whole academic year at once

Scheduling & Security

Manual and automatic scheduling
Unlimited number of users, central DB
Easy data entry and import of data
IT-less setup/maintenance
Multi-language support
One click publishing to web
Custom and predefined reports
ISO27001 security certificate 


Selecting modules by your students
Cloud and On-Premises solutions
Final exams module integrated
Integration with AD, SSO (Shibboleth)  
Compatible with all school systems
Unmatched continuous support
Simple licencing scheme
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Who we are

From the heart of Europe, serving the world's leading Universities, Schools, Hospitals and Conference centers for over 20 years. 

The product

Wise Timetable is scheduling software with all the functionality you need, from automatic creating to detailed reports and publishing.

Service you benefit from

From integration to your existing services and data, initial learning curve, to continuous cooperation - you can rely on our support.

From large enterprise organisations to small schools

Imagine dozens of programs and hundreds of branches inside them, each with a large number of courses, together with hundreds of venues and (local and visiting) lecturers, working on various equipment. That's what we can handle - and pretty much everything else our customers wanted.

Wise Timetable, in under 1 minute, can generate a schedule for a large University with 20,000 students. Scheduling of this kind has never been done before, and we guarantee implementation of Artificial Intelligence for scheduling at it's best.

Example from our customer: Oxford University (Image courtesy of Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford, UK) where we display the current schedule on signage screens,  which can be customized to any design - as we have done for hundreds of our customers world-wide.

Publish your schedules

Wise Timetable will reflect all of your changes directly on the automatically generated web pages. All the presentations can be fully customized with your logos, or even with your calendar style, e.g. the week can start on Monday, Sunday or Saturday, and can be displayed in any language, of course.

Mobile (Android and iOS) Wise Timetable apps are available free of charge for your students and lecturers. Links to these apps are accessible from the main web page.

Access to all the published data can be denied or controlled by using passwords generated by Wise Timetable or by using your Active Directory or Single-Sign-On access.

Hundreds of reports, customizable

During our product's long history, we listened to all our customers and designed hundreds of different reports in various formats, so you can now easily present any view or statistics you might have with the completed schedule. Included in the package we also have a customizing tool for PDF reports, so you can decide which data to present and how (paper format, orientation, columns displayed and their width - all available for various types of predefined reports). Everything can be sent to a printer or as an attachment by email directly from Wise Timetable, so your lecturers receive their own schedule (individually or as a group).

We do provide a service (included in the licence) for automatic sending of emails with individual schedules attached - every week, at a time(s) you define. 

All the schedule information is also available through the web API interface. Some customers use this functionality to integrate the Wise Timetable to other (existing) systems inside the organisation. Control of air-conditioning systems can be achieved by using our API interface - providing energy-saving system coupled with the classroom schedule. We also welcome third-party application access to our scheduling systems (if allowed by the customer).

The Wise Timetable COVID-19 related solutions

Since beginning of year 2020, all educational organisations were concerned about "presence management" issues. We, in Wise Technologies, addressed the problem by providing an adequate tools for organisation and publishing of online, offline and combined classes.

Firstly, we enabled access to courses online documentation, directly from Wise Timetable published schedules. With this, lecturers can create their own online content and at the same time, there is no need for individual communication, because of centralized access through the published schedule.

Additionally, Wise Timetable enables direct links to online meetings from published schedules. With this functionality, all the online meetings can be published through the web schedule, regardless of the meeting provider (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Webex, Skype and others). It is easy to handle provider's licenses, because you can "stick" the license (link) to a classroom, course or even an individual lecture/class. These links will be clearly visible on the published schedule.

We added a special (customizable) markers, defining a class types - for example, online, combined, only teacher in classroom, etc. With this system, your online schedule is clearly understandable to all the students, teachers, and infrastructure maintainers.

Our support team can tell you more about implementations for your environment - please contact us.

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